User guide

User GuideFAV-LE User Guide_v1.0

17 May 2022
  1. Do not use continuously for more than 6 hours. (At least 1 hour cooling time required)

  2. Use indoors only. The optimum indoor temperature is 21-23 degrees.

  3. Please use it in a cool, shady place out of direct sunlight.

  4. The FAV has a built-in overheat protection safety device. If the FAV abnormally overheats, the power is automatically cut off, and the power is automatically restored after 1~2 hours.

  5. If the magnetic fluid in the glass bottle is in the form of spikes, it means that the electromagnet is operating at the maximum power. If it is used for a long time in this state, magnetic fluid may be adsorbed to the glass due to strong magnetic force or malfunction due to overheating may occur. For stable operation, aim to keep the volume level at 50% to 60%.

  6. Likewise, do not press and hold the push switch of the lower knob used as the magnetic fluid calibration button for more than 1 minute. It causes overheating and glass adsorption.

  7. Magnetic fluid has a lifetime, just like a laptop battery or light bulb.
    Depending on the situation, it has a life time of about 2,000 to 3,000 hours.
    The more vigorous the magnetic fluid moves, the shorter its lifespan. Please aim to use it only when absolutely necessary. The lifespan of a magnetic fluid is hardly reduced when it is not moving.

  8. The glass bottle containing the magnetic fluid can be replaced by the user.
    If replacement is necessary, please refer to the glass bottle replacement manual (to be updated later).

  9. Never attach an external magnet to a glass bottle.

  10. Do not place other products or medical devices that are sensitive to magnetic fields near them.

  11. Do not open the glass bottle cap.

  12. Do not take out the contents of the glass bottle and touch it with your hands or eat it.

  13. If the contents in the glass bottle accidentally get on your hands or get into your eyes, rinse immediately with running water.

  14. Do not turn the knob when the power is off. A mode setting error will occur.

  15. If the mode value is an error, turn both knobs to the 12 o'clock position while the power is on and press the upper knob to initialize the gauge value.

  16. Don't turn the knob too fast. An error occurs in the mode value.

  17. You can adjust the light brightness of the glass bottle by using the brightness control knob on the back panel. However, if the brightness is very low, flickering may occur. This is what happens when the output of the built-in speaker is too loud. This problem is solved by connecting an external speaker.

  18. Do not connect high-power speakers, microphones, or amplifiers directly to the line in and out terminals.
    Laptops, mobile phones and small portable devices are acceptable.
    If you want to use a high-output product, you need to use a preamplifier or low-power converter in the middle.

  19. If you use a 'ground loop isolator' in the middle of the AUX cable, you can remove the abnormal noise between the two devices.

  20. The input power used for the FAV is 12V/3A. Please refrain from using a power supply not provided by BurnSlap. In unavoidable cases, other products of the same standard can be used.

  21. When powering off the FAV, please do not use the main switch directly behind it. It may cause damage. First, press the pairing button on the front for more than 3 seconds to cancel the pairing, then turn off the main switch on the back.

  22. FAV can be connected to other devices with 2.4GHz wireless technology. It can be easily connected to your mobile phone or laptop, and once paired, it is automatically connected.

  23. The basic working principle of the FAV is similar to that of a conventional audio VU meter. This means that the operation of the FAV's magnetic fluid will change depending on the size of the volume selected by the user. As a result, the desired volume and the response of the FAV may not match each other. If you use a preamplifier between the FAV and the audio device, you can use it at the volume you want.

  24. Even at the same volume, the response may be different depending on the sound source being played. This is because the instruments and volumes used to make the music are different.

  25. FAV may not be able to move dynamically in music with multiple instruments overlapping or music composed of pads and strings that continuously connect sounds. FAV responds much better to simple music with clear rhythm, beat and melody.

  26. FAV responds to all sounds, not just music. If you connect a microphone to the Line in jack, you can use it for vocals, live instrument performance, etc. (Applicable to self-powered 3-pole stereo input microphone)

  27. If you want to cut off the FAV's built-in speaker output and simply use the visualizer function, insert a plug into the Line out terminal to turn off only the speaker function.